Our Services

Doggie Daycare

With the stresses of the workplace today, men and women alike yearn to come home to a quiet, organized, clean place – and to a dog that has put in a “hard day’s work” too and is ready to relax with the family.

Dogs at The Dirty Dog are allowed to bark, howl, jump, play, chew, and wrestle as dogs are born to do – all while their parents are away at work. The Dirty Dog is primarily indoors – in climate controlled arenas and playrooms—eliminating the safety risk during electrical storms or excessive heat, and allowing the dogs to stay warm and dry in the winter and cool and clean in the summer.

A day at The Dirty Dog maximizes the use of their doggie senses and provides enough exercise that pups will return to their families tired and ready for a night of relaxation at home as calm, quiet, and well-behaved members of the family.


Our primary goal at The Dirty Dog is customer satisfaction, of both the two-legged and four-legged variety!  In all areas of service, we strive to go above and beyond to provide the ultimate in pet care. With this in mind, we treat your pets with the love and care you would provide yourself.

Grooming services at The Dirty Dog are no exception to this rule. We understand that some pets are shy of clippers or dread having their nails trimmed and promise to do whatever is necessary to help them through the process and alleviate the stress associated with such services. You can rest assured that your dog or cat will be in the hands of a professional trained in both grooming and soothing techniques so that your dog or cat will grow to enjoy being pampered.

Please contact our Customer Care Specialist at 785-431-6694 to inquire about rates.


Are you a dog owner who travels frequently? Think Fido suffers from separation anxiety or extreme boredom? Look no further. At The Dirty Dog, your pup is monitored by a full-time, highly-trained staff, in a thoughtfully structured environment with caregivers and other pets. Social interaction and routines are designed specifically for your pet’s physical and emotional health, and can substantially reduce and most times eliminate separation anxiety or boredom. Our boarding routine at The Dirty Dog includes gymnasium play time, outdoor play time (weather permitting), treats, toys, training, and of course feeding and bedtime. At The Dirty Dog we do not discriminate against old, young, or sensitive pets. We give extra special care to alleviate stress, and take extra precautions to be sure your dog is provided the ultimate in pet care.


  • Physical & Mental Stimulation
  • Environmentally Controlled
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play
  • Personable & Attentive Staff
  • Close Supervision
  • Exercise
  • Peace of Mind
  • Individualized Groups

Activities for Your Dog

  • Supervised Indoor/Outdoor Group Play
  • Practice of Known Commands
  • Socialization with Other Dogs
  • Individual Play with Staff
  • Love and Attention