Our Facility

At The Dirty Dog, we are dedicated to making every day a fun and productive one for dogs. We know you want to feel that peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet will receive the best care possible when you’re not available. Whether your pet is coming for daycare, boarding, or grooming services, our loving staff is fully committed to providing the ULTIMATE in pet care.

We want The Dirty Dog to be a fun, safe, and structured “home away from home”, and are willing to put in the hours to make sure we can provide just that for each and every pet that comes through our door.

Dogs are supervised closely; good behavior and manners are encouraged with positive reinforcement at all times.

Outdoor Playground
Movie Theater
Indoor Gym
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Outdoor Playground

Outdoor play (weather permitting) is made possible by our dual 1500 square foot outdoor playgrounds. Each area is secured by 6 foot fencing and all dogs are supervised closely when outdoors. The playground is complete with play equipment, pools, and ample shade provided by fence line trees and building overhangs.

Indoor Gym

In the event of severe weather, The Dirty Dog is also equipped with two 1300 square foot environmentally controlled gymnasiums- complete with toys as well as agility and playground equipment so your pup can stay cool in the heat of the summer and warm during our chilly Kansas winters. Walls are well insulated and offer noise-limiting properties in the event of thunderstorms, other inclement weather, and even fireworks.

Movie Theater

Our movie theater is the perfect place to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter after playing outdoors. We play doggie themed movies and other canine-oriented television shows to maintain mental simulation while the body recuperates from physical activity outdoors.

Facility Tour